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AKASH AGARWAL Asked 7 years ago

hello sir, 

your video is very helpful for me, very very thanks.

first thing is that, our tt hall is small i.e,. not a big hall.and the table is going to be dead so that when we go to play the matches in the bigger hall, we cant manage the strokes, and the speed of ball. Means, how we play fast or small, and in new hall the table is also new.

so pls tell me, when we go to play matches from small hall to very big hall, so how we can manage the speed, spin of ball. how we control it. because the atmosphere is totally changed 


pls tell me

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Akash,

It can be different playing in different halls.  When you get to the new place, make sure you take the time to adjust yourself.  Allow yourself to play some strokes with a lot of control first rather than trying to play at top speed.

Watch the ball carefully.  If you do these things you will find you will start to adjust quickly.

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