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Anuman Goel

Anuman Goel Asked 8 years ago


I was playing in my home town with the same players every day and I could hit top spins on the high back spin balls but now when I have come to another Town I play with different players I can't hit top spins on the low spin balls . It has been 5 days I have been playing here and in my matches I don't use my top spins at all but just chop and hit flat shots. My confidence level of hitting a top spin ball has decreased immensely. Please help me as I have a tournament coming up on the 2nd of August.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Anuman,

It will just be a matter of confidence and getting used to the new venue.  Your ability to hit the topspin hasn’t been lost in the travel.

Do some training with your training partner pushing the ball to your backhand slowly at first and get the feel of hitting the backhand topspin again.  Once you get the feel for it you can speed it up a little and also do a drill where you don’t know where the ball is coming and still make the backhand topspins when the ball comes to your backhand side.

Good luck in the tournament.  Relax and enjoy the experience.

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