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Anthony M

Anthony M Asked 11 years ago

I sent you a question yesterday about adidas table tennis equipment....

And now I have made the risky decision to get the stuff and try it out so im ordering the stuff.

I just have a few questions that need to be answered!

What is a good size rubber to get for both sides (What are the differences) 1,8 . 2,0 or 2,2.

My last blade was the Stiga Offensive Classic Master, Is that a Flaired handled bat (i think it is I just want confirmation)

I can get the bat to have racket coating or something? is there any benefits of getting this? Theres a premium racket coating for 5 euros and a Exclusive racket coating for 8 Euros.

Last question is it better if I tick the option for them to Glue the rubbers on to the bat for me or I should make them come seperately and glue it on my self.

Thanks for reading

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Anthony,

The thicker the rubber the more spin and speed and the less control you will get.  So choose something that will suit your own style.

Blades often come with a choice of different handles so I am not sure which you have.

I am not sure what the racket coating means but it is probably just a varnish that is put on the wood to protect it from splitting or peeling the wood away.

It is often best to get the rubbers glued on so that you don't have that hassle and the bat is ready to use when it arrives.  That is what we do with the PingSkills Touch bats to make it easier for our customers.


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