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Simon Lewis

Simon Lewis Asked 10 years ago

Hi Alois and Jeff,

Looking back at when you guys played competitive table tennis, what did you do the week before a tournament as a build up? Did you train harder, train less, practice your strengths, practice your weakness? There are obviously so many different ways to train and different ways of approaching tournaments, i think its a interesting subject to see how different players prepare for their tournaments. 

I tend to practice more, but I worry that it will lead to burnout. Practice less, and I feel as though I haven't prepared thoroughly enough. I also try to make sure I get at least one league game in, as I feel as though match practice and focusing your mind in a game situation is good preparation.

If possible, I would like to know how Jeff prepared for his games in the Olympics, and Alois, how would you advise those players around the world who are preparing for their Olympic Games qualification events. 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Simon,

Tournament preparation is something that you learn over time.  As you said there are many different ways and each player has their own likes and dislikes.

I used to like to train every day and perhaps have the last day off depending on how I felt.  The main thing is that come tournament day you should feel fresh and keen to play.  You should also feel confidence in your strokes and game.

I would like to do a lot of early rally play in the week before.  Lots of third ball drills focusing on gaining confidence in the shot.

We have as the last 8 weeks of our Training Plan in our Premium Membership an 8 week training plan leading into a tournament.

As far as advising players going into their Olympic qualifications, it is about doing what they have been doing well in previous tournament preparations.  They have done this many times before so it is a matter of repeating the process. 


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Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb from PingSkills Posted 10 years ago

Hi Simon,

I liked to focus on the early part of a rally in my training leading up to a tournament. Particularly on the third ball. I always felt that if I was hitting the third ball well, everything else would fall into place. I also found that if I was blocking well that gave me a lot of confidence so I like to practice blocking, again especially off the opponents third ball.

And in my training I liked to play a lot more games than usual in that last week! 

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