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Jason  Bui

Jason Bui Asked 2 weeks ago

Can you show us how to do the chop block with hard bat and sponge rubber? It would really help me take out my dad’s furious top spins. Since I am a 11 year old boy I made my own account and learned from your channel, I usually have to run back and forth cause my arms are short. I am intermediate at table tennis and need help using my chop block on him.

-Thanks, Jason Bui

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Jason,

Well we hope we will be Abel to help you to deal with Dad's game.

Take a look at this tutorial on Long Pimple Chop Block which has similar principles.  With sponge rubber you can think about the Kenta Matsudaira's Sidespin Block but this is a very advanced stroke... Tackle carefully!



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