Blisters and callouses on my feet

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Scott Finley

Scott Finley Asked 3 years ago

Since I've started playing regularly I've gotten blisters on the balls of my feet that then turn into callouses. This has been the case with two pairs of shoes now, although they seems to shift a bit when I switch shoes.

Is this a sign that my shoes aren't suitable or don't fit quite right, or is it just to be expected because of the type of movement and especially pivoting required for table tennis?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 years ago

Hi Scott,

I think it is probably just to be expected because of the repetitive movement.

Others may have some ideas for you.

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Jack Tan

Jack Tan Posted 3 years ago

Hello Scott. I faced a similar problem a few months aago.The only advice I can give is to keep playing. Eventually, your feet would get used to the repetitive movement, however do not push yourself if it really hurts as it might make the problem worse. 

Kevin James

Kevin James Posted 3 years ago

Yes definite case of faulty shoes. What shoes do you use? I would recommend you to use shoes with heavy padding something like asics gel series -

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