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Musaab Musaab

Musaab Musaab Asked 2 years ago

Hello everyone, this is my first question as I just made my account. I lost a final match yesterday and it was the point at which I saw clearly that  I have a problem. So I was always good in amateurs table tennis where no real equipments are used. Only last year I decided to make a step further and I joined a club; Shortly before that I was playing with some begginer-intermediate level players and they asked me to buy a new real table tennis racket so I went to a sports store and bought a 45 euros ready-made bat. It felt so dead to me specially when I try one of my colleagues rackets. I really felt weak playing with it. So I decided to go for the best rackets that exist on the market. Since I'm a fan of ZJK I bought a ZJK ALC and attached to DHS NEO 3 as FH and Tenergy 64 to it. it was a lot better and  I progressed a little, but now the main problem arises, this blade is extremly fast as a result the NEO 3 FH is became so sensitive to incoming spin, and T64 BH was good overall but blocking heavy topspins is next to impossible. I noticed how control was important for me because now I have no control at all. looking for control I tried other rubbers with different specifications like Mark V, T80FX and Hurricane 8. the best of them was Mark V but for some reason it is dead now and there is a big spot in it is texturless. I only did a half season being trained by a coach and the overall outcome is good, everyone at the club say that I made a remarkable progress. Yesterday I lost the final only because of service return, whenever I miss read the spin, there is no error margin at all with this blade and the ball go directly into the net or outisde. The thing is I paid a small fortune for this blade and the combinations of rubbers that I used on it. I don't want to risk more money for some other rubbers that would eventually end up being the same as the ones I used,nor buying a new all wood blade which will cost some more money while if I would have sticked to my ZJK I would eventually gets used to it since I'm already progressing. 

Sorry for the long paragraph and thanks in advance.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 years ago

Hi Musaab,

This is a trap that many players have fallen into before.

I think it is difficult to progress unless you use a slower bat.  The Mark V rubber is a good idea but you need a slow blade as well.  Otherwise you will develop bad habits with your stroke because you can't play full strokes without the ball going off the end of the table.

Of course we think the PingSkills Touch is a good option.

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