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Andrew Malone

Andrew Malone Asked 6 years ago

I'm looking for a decent short pips rubber for my backhand. I want one so my pushes, blocks, and service returns will be more consistent, but I still want to keep the ability to do my favorite stroke, the backhand/banana flick.

My current BH rubber is a sriver, which is a great rubber which I greatly improved my technique with. sriver always manages to push and punch just fine, but it often frustratingly lets me down on my flicks in the same situation when my old cheapo short pips paddle wouldn't. The reason I'm considering short pips is because one guy at my TT club suggested them to me because they are supposedly good for close to table attacking. But there are so many different short pip rubbers, and I'm hoping you guys can lower the pool with some good suggestions.

Thanks, Andrew

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Andrew,

If you are looking to do the Banana flick I wouldn't recommend short pimples at all.

I would go for a tacky rubber with a thinner sponge to allow you to get more control on the blocks and returns but still be able to do the banana flick.

Others may have good suggestions as well.

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