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Sid Wrenich

Sid Wrenich Asked 11 years ago

Hi guys - Imagine this scenario: I do a short serve and my opponent has to lean a long way forward across the table to reach the ball - they are off balance as they weren't expecting this serve and remain leaning over the table trying to recover.

I hit their weak return very early and fast and the ball strikes their arm/torso without hitting the table first (the trajectory and opponent's position shows the ball would have clearly hit the table if not for my opponent's body being in the way). After the ball hits them it rebounds away without hitting the table straight on to the floor. Who wins the point?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Sid,

You win the point.

If the players body is over the surface of the table and it is hit with the ball before it bounces then they lose the point.  

In fact even if the ball was going really fast and probably wasn't going to hit the table, the fact that they were over the table when it hit them means they lose the point.  Hope that clears it up.

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