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Jonathan Huynh

Jonathan Huynh Asked 10 years ago

Hi Jeff,

How did you train and how did you get in to competions? Were your parents optimistic or were they doubtful?

My parents are doubtful about my dream, but i just keep on dreaming, not letting my standards fall. but who can i when my parent say i should focus more on my studies and studies only, my other sports and that they say that i'm being excessive. but is being excessive being eager to train to  my dream or is it being to be playing ping pong all day without any thought. i'm keeping a balance, but with my parents say that i should more studying, less play. thats why i am asking you this.and i don't think this is enough training. plus, i play outside, so i'm very dependent on the weather. 

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 10 years ago

Hi Jonathan,

Firstly I think that your parents will have your best interests at heart. They want the best for you and are closest to the situation so what they say is probably what is best. Study is extremely important and gives you options throughout your life. Without going to University and studying Computer Science I would never have been able to build the PingSkills website!

My parents were very supportive and always encouraged me. But they also ensured that I was doing well at school too. I believe it's important to get the balance right. I know table tennis can seem like the only thing that is important but with perspective you'll see it is not.

Enjoy your table tennis, train as much as you can whilst still performing well at school, and listen to your parents! That's my advice.

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D K Posted 8 years ago

Many of my teammates have the same problem:they are often not allowed to train,because they always write an important test the day after trainings.

I am the only one who have no problem,as my parents have absolutely no idea that I am a tabletennis player and my marks are as good as they can even be.

But even if I want to use my oustanding memory to help my teammates with learning, I am not allowed to :(((

Tushar Verma

Tushar Verma Posted 8 years ago

I am also having the same problem. But I think my parent will choose my interest instead they want me to do if they are given a choice. Because they love me alot.

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