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Devanshu Kapoor

Devanshu Kapoor Asked 8 years ago

HI Alois,

I am Devanshu from Punjab, India.

I have some bad footwork habits. I tend to not move to get the ball but instead stretch my body forward or lean back.

This habit of mine is hindering my progress in the game and I am struggling to improve. I fear if I dont improve my footwork problems, I may degrade my game, which is something I would never want. so Please help me. If possible can you make a video on this?

Thank You.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Devanshu,

Training your footwork is important as you have identified.  Spend time in your training to work on this by doing a lot of repetitive footwork drills.  This will give you a better feel for the movement and start to make the movements automatic in a game situation as well.  

The tendency for most players is to stretch their bat out to get the ball.  This hinders the movement.  So focus on the movement first and then think about the stroke after that.

Take a look at our footwork lessons on Basic Stance and Footwork Basics.

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