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Cristh Garrido

Cristh Garrido Asked 9 years ago

Hi Alois and Pingskills

one of the reasons to develop my RPB was to getting better my reception, that is the most weakness of my game, and i am working in that, and my question is, can i make a normal backhand flick or i just can make the backhand sidespin flick?...If so, is the same technique of the shakehand in the penhold?...What i have to do for develop my backhand sidespin flick?

Like i said my reception is very bad, how i can improve my reception non RPB?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Cristh,

With the penhold grip the easier shot is the sidespin backhand flick because the bat is in that position naturally.

You can do a straight flick as well but it is a little more difficult because it is hard to use the wrist well on that shot with the penhold.  You can just do more of a punch with the backhand and get the ball moving fast to your opponent.  This is a more risky stroke because you can't get much topspin on the stroke with the penhold grip.

The advantages you can utilise with the penhold grip on the return of serve is the short push using your wrist to get under the ball and also using a sidespin flick and a sidespin long push as well.

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Kevin Long

Kevin Long Posted 9 years ago

I think one of the greatest advantages of the RPB flick, is they look similar in the set up, and often it's hard for the opponent to tell whether it will be a straight flick or a sidespin flick. If you have trouble with the straight flick, just start it like a sidespin flick.

Cristh Garrido

Cristh Garrido Posted 9 years ago

Thanks to everybody

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