Attacking with long pips + returning LH players sidespin loop/drive

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Andrew Borbas

Andrew Borbas Asked 5 months ago

Hi! How  are you today? I have been playing TT for years but not consistently. I travel 1 hour to play against significantly better players almost every week. I am the only player out of about 30 who plays with long pips and it is currently driving many players crazy but i would like to see videos on attacking with long pips primarily from the backhand side (this is my strong side vs forehand). 

I often play against a very good LH player who has a wicked forehand crosscourt loop/drive that I only occasionally am able to chop it back using long pips. Can u send me some videos on returning this LH loop/drive.

Thanks and have a great day!

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 months ago

Hi Andrew,

Take a look at this tutorial in the Long Pimples section on Long Pimple Attack Against Backspin. Hope it helps you.

For returning the sidespin push through the ball more.  The sidespin won't effect your stroke too much but will give him a wicked ball back to deal with.



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