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Abhinav Basu

Abhinav Basu Asked 8 years ago


From 2 months I have become more aggressive. I attack every possible chance I get. But sometimes I make mistakes and attack those balls also which are not for attacking and lose point. So what to do to correct this? And should I continue to be aggressive?

My second question is that I attack on serves by opponent. But when I get serves on my forehand I am successful in attacking 50-60 percent of balls and the others slip from my racket and fall. So how to solve this problem?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Abhinav,

When you change styles you will make judgemental errors.  Keep trying to make the attack and through trial and error you will start to work out which balls are right for attacking.

When attacking on the return of serve, give yourself a little more margin for error by put more topspin on the ball and playing the stroke a little slower.  This will increase the percentages in your favour.  When you start to get a higher percentage on the table, you can start to play a little faster.

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