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Sumit Jangra

Sumit Jangra Asked 7 years ago

Hello Sir,

My question is regarding lifting or attacking chop or undercut return. When a good defensive opponent using phantom rubber undercuts the ball, the reverse spin is so much that it becomes impossible for average player to attack or lift it with top spin. Another option also doesn't work as a push either goes to net or too long to go out. Seems no way out.



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Sumit,

There is always a way out.

You can learn to either push or topspin this ball but as you said it becomes difficult.

With the topspin, either open the angle of your racket more or swing faster and more vertically with your topspin.

With the push tilt your bat back till it is almost flat and lift the bat  slightly on contact.  You also need a very relaxed touch with your hand which is why it is so difficult.

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Sumit Jangra

Sumit Jangra Posted 7 years ago

Thanks sir,

Will try next time when i play with that person.

Soft hands is what i'll try to practice as this is my problem while receiving serve , as told by my friend guide (i won't say he is my coach).

Thanks for prompt reply.


Nicolas Matthew

Nicolas Matthew Posted 7 years ago

Also third ball attack is very effective if you use short serve. Otherwise, attack his serve to his middle area or the side where he doesn't use the OX LP unless he is a paddle twiddler...

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