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Tushar Rajguru

Tushar Rajguru Asked 10 years ago

Hi , I have a general tendacy to do a push or returning the ball simply instead of attacking it after my serve , also I face some kinds of problems on opening my opponents serve by an topspin . So can you please tell me some kinds of drills that can help me .

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Tushar,

The main thing is to change your mindset to be more attacking.  Think about trying to attack every ball.  If the ball is then short you can move in to make a push or flick.

In training get your opponent to serve a lot of different serves and practice recognising the long serves to attack.

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Lukas Oberbanscheidt

Lukas Oberbanscheidt Posted 10 years ago

Hi Tushar,

When you want to attack after the serve, you must do a convenient serve. You must know your enemy very good, so you must anticipate the receive from your enemy. For Example you and your enemy are both right handed. Best you place a sidespin serve at the backhand of your enemy, so he must places his receive at your forehand and you can attack. Hope this helps, 


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