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Earl Joseph

Earl Joseph Asked 8 years ago

Sir, i recently changed b/h rubber to sriver l(from smart joola). it is a bit faster than my usual rubber. today, i played against a weaker opponent. As I didn't fully adopt to my new rubber, i lost the match. also she hits the ball fast and flat. I am very angry as i have lost. How to beat her? and what are the differences between my b/h rubbers so tha i can adopt to it?


Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 8 years ago

Hi Earl,

When you switch rubber it can take some time to adjust. I would recommend spending some time training and playing backhand strokes with your new rubber on that side.

To play against a player who hits fast and flat, the best idea it to try and play with a lot of spin. When serving try some heavy backspin serves. When attacking try some slow spinny topspins mixed in with some faster ones.

It can be hard when you lose to someone you expect to beat. You need to try and enjoy the competition and then try and improve so you can perform at a higher level more consistently.

Playing against someone who plays fast and flat is like playing against someone who uses short pimples. For our premium members you can take a look at our video on Playing Against Short Pimples.

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Earl Joseph

Earl Joseph Posted 8 years ago

Thanks a lot for this advice, sir!

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