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Shaji Alavi

Shaji Alavi Asked 10 years ago

Hi Coach,

I was going through your match strategy lesson 5 few days. How to play against a blocker. Those are some really effective tips and they are helping a lot. I am playing in a club these days where there are plenty of different styles of players. I have observed that the best players of the club always do not play in the same mode. At times they are in the attacking mode, for some players they are always blocking and troubling them and for some mostly pushing short. That is because they observe the other person's style of play quickly.
Would you recommend becoming an all round player from the start who can play as a blocker or an attacker if needed depending on the opponent's strengths and weaknesses. Or one should have a mindset from the beginning that which type of player one wants to be. I mean like one has to choose between a grip and should stick to it.  What drills should i keep practicing on a daily basis to have an all round game?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Shaji,

I think being an allrounder comes with the level of training.  As you develop your touch and control over the years, you will be able to adapt better to different styles.  

I think though that you should have a basic way that you want to play and develop that style.  The rest will come with a bulk of practice.

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Shaji Alavi

Shaji Alavi Posted 10 years ago

Thanks Coach. In that case i will stick to the one you emphasize the most, pushing short and topspinning the ball when it is long. I am used to it now. I love your crossover point technique. There are few players whom i trouble a lot with the crossover point and i am also concentrating on the 3 and 4 balls drills now so that i dont get jammed up with the crossover.
Nice way to address the email now. Felt good and connected. We love pingskills too.
Keep it up.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 10 years ago

Thanks Shaji, I would think that is the best way for you.

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