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Hao Jun

Hao Jun Asked 7 years ago


I would like to know ......

1)how to increase and decrease the amount of backspin on the ball when doing either the forehand or backhand chop (assuming that my forehand has and inverted and my backhand has long pips

2)how to brush the ball thinly and yet make the ball have a fast

3)if the sponge of the forehand rubber always needs to be soft or can it be hard

4)if I should use feint long 2 or 3 as I chop somewhere between mid to close distance and I attack at close distance (3 is softer than 2)


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Hao,

To change spin, you change the angle of your racket on contact.  By laying your bat more flat and brushing under the ball you will generate more spin.  Tilt it forward or facing the net and you will get less spin.

When brushing the ball thinly to get the ball fast you really need to swing fast with your arm.  Or just flatten out the contact slightly for more speed.

Chopping is quite good with a harder rubber as well.

I am not sure about which Feint to use.  Any is OK really.

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