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Last updated 8 years ago

Mikey Silverio

Mikey Silverio Asked 8 years ago

Hi! I notice that most points I lose are because I don't get the third ball and the opponent gets the fourth. My opponent has an excellent short game compared to me and gets to make an attack after a successful serve return. I end up pushing the ball and he gets to attack. I usually serve backspin with side spin with varying speed/depth. I don't want to make a failed 3rd ball into the net. How should I prepare for his service return? 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Mikey,

Think more about your serve.  If your serve becomes more potent you will get easier returns that you will be able to attack.

Practicing your 3rd ball is something you should focus on.  Putting the serve and next ball together is something the best players do very well.

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