Show #366 - Go Lefties

1 year ago

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We answer 4 excellent questions in today’s show that will hopefully help you in your table tennis journey. One listener also correctly identified our current who am I athlete and wins either one hour of online coaching or one month’s free premium membership. We also give our tip of the week and round out the show with some OMG facts.


Pendulum Topspin Serve

I can do under spin, side spin pendulum serve, but unable to figure out how to do top spin serve. Saw a few videos but not sure what am i missing. Please share some tips and/or videos to help learn it. 


Ball Dents In New Rubber

Hello guys, I just replaced my Rakza 7 rubber on my/your bat.I did everything right from your ytube video. Is it normal to see ball indentations on the new rubber? Thanks, Bernie


Low Balls 

I have just been watching basic strokes showing the position and movement of the bat, but the demonstration shows the ball bouncing to a convenient height to return the ball. What do you do when the ball bounces low and short, in other words, it could bounce twice in the middle of the table unless you get to it quickly?


Training Composition

I would like to ask though: the training with the second club looks only like "10mins of warm up and then 90 mins of matches. No drills no combinations no practise. Only matches."  Does such a system make sense to you? I mean...matches surely have their importance but playing ONLY matches without a chance to recognize mistakes or working at them? What do you think about the training system difference?


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