Show #361 - Dealing With Heavy Topspin

1 year ago

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As usual, we discuss your table tennis questions.

Hitting The Top Of The Net

I find myself hitting the top of the net a lot and usually the result is the ball goes off the table and I lose the point. Very frustrating. I see a lot of players hit the net and it usually falls on the table. I think mine go out because I hit harder than they do. What do you recommend to rectify this? 

Heavy Topspin

Hi, I'm having a problem blocking heavy topspin. It never used be problem but now I seem to be blocking too early or too late, the ball flying off the table or straight into net. When I practice against loopers I try to watch the angle of my bat but I don't seem able to watch the ball all the way to my bat, getting really frustrated. Any advice?

Pros Jumping While Performing Forehand Flick

I noticed that some of the pros do a mini jump whenever they are flicking with the forehand. It's like they contact the ball in mid-jump. Why do they need to jump before they flick? And it looks very risky because they could lose their balance after the flick.

Service After/Before Motion

I would like to add after/before motion to them to make them much more confusing, but when I try to, my service breaks down and loses consistency and spin.I am wondering if I should practice adding after/before motion to my serves during practice or focus more on improving my serves and add confusing motion later. My question is: is after/before something you add on to a serve later as you improve, or is the motion built into the muscle memory of the serve itself?

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