Show #359 - Two Tips and Three Jokes

2 years ago

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Having forgotten to include the tip of the week last week, we double up and also throw in some more jokes. Of course we also answer your table tennis questions. I hope you enjoy the show.

Tournament Entry

Kajal - I don't go in any of the tt academy and classes I just learn tt at home. Now, I want to starts with  tournaments from district level. May I know how to participate for it?

Grip Changes Between Sides

Andy - is it possible to use SAME grip for fh and bh and continue to grow my game?

Keeping a Rubber After Purchase

Kenneth - After we purchase a rubber in a package, is it ok to keep it for a few months to a year before gluing to the blade? Will the quality of the rubber decrease after keeping it for so long? Thanks.

Pros Using Penhold

Dayton - Do you think there will be anymore Penhold in the pro table tennis after ( xu xin and qiu dang) retire?

Podcast Brings Sunshine

Paul - Just finished listening to your recent podcast and I am still laughing.  Hearing you and Jeff again after such a long hiatus is proof that GOD is in HIS heaven and all is well in the world.  Thank you for bringing your brand of sunshine to we Yanks here in the U.S.  Can’t wait ‘til your next podcast!

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