Show #351 - How To Improve Your Serves

2 years ago

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In this episode we answer some great questions, talk about the importance of a pre-point routine, and throw in a few jokes!

About Defensive Mode

Ardak - If only some of my topspins fails then I continue to play in an offensive mode. I noticed that if my 3-4 topspins in a row fail (go off the table, to the net)  then I start to play in a defensive mode. Although I choose only good moments to do topspin. Especially vs players with pimples. I start to play only with chops like old days (10 years ago) when I didn't know what is topspin. Against some players this strategy worked good. But sometimes I lose badly even to those I usually win.  Is it a bad habit? What do you suggest?

Proper Progression To Get Better With Serving

John - Thanks for answering my previous question about bats.  I wound up getting a Yinhe Earth 3 with Palio Hadou rubber and its working out nicely so far.   I have a question regarding how to get better at serves from a progression standpoint.  I have been working on my pendulum serve and have started to feel pretty good with the basic sidespin with a bit of underspin.  I can do an underspin only - but I whiff more than I should and I think Im starting to hit the topspin sidespin occasionally but since Im basically a basement player Im not 100% sure what Im doing wrong and haven't had any lessons - so Im trying to teach myself from YouTube videos (I do aspire to someday join the local club when Im better and won't be embarrassed).  I have a decent backhand serve and am working on topspin sidespin and backspin sidespin.  I have goofed around with the tomahawk and reverse pendulum for fun - but Im not ready yet.  Anyways - my question is, is there a proper progression to get better on serving.  I practice fairly often since I can do this by myself.  Should I master one thing first - say pendulum sidespin working on spin then placement? or is it good to spend a bit on all the variations of pendulum service.  Just looking for some guidance.  Thanks!

Hitting the Ball With Racket Not Held

Yuva - In a situation where I'm in the left corner my opponent hit a smash on to the right of the table where I clearly cannot reach it, so I tossed the racket onto right of the table so that it hit the ball and ball returned to the opponents table and he left it!!! So finally is it my point or my opponent's point?

Can the Ball Hit the Net Twice?

Hare - Can you hit the net with the ball twice e.g the ball hits the net clamp and hits the net and goes to the opponent's side what happens after?

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