Show #350 - Happy New Year Jokeathon

2 years ago

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You are in for a treat with some tremendous jokes this episode! Plus we answer your table tennis questions on returning serves, being smooth, and encouraging people to take up the sport. Alois also has a great tip on choosing equipment. Enjoy the show!

How to Receive Short Low Spinny Topspin Serves

Ardak - How to receive short, very low and spinny serve which bounces to my forehand side and very close to the net?

Encouraging People to Join Table Tennis

Jasper - In 2 days time there will be a CCA Open House where the secondary 1 students can check out any CCA. How can I get more people to join table tennis?

Choice of Backhand or Forehand on Short Game

Musaab - I watch a lot of videos and I know for sure after applying that to my own game, there is a preferred blade side to serve return depending on the incoming serve. A popular example is the forehand short push return to the regular pendulum serve. Even when it is side/topspin that return will make the ball go a little high but there is still vicious underspin on it that some opponents put it directly into the net. No coach ever told me that and I can't find anything about it on the web either, just pattern recognition while watching pros videos. I wonder whats your input on this , I even feel there is more layers to it, I'm talking about the third,fourth and fifth ball on the short-to-short game that there is a preferred side (forehand or backhand) return. N.B. In all this I'm assuming two right-handed players and balls are on the middle of the table

Smooth Players

Bob - I would like your recommendations (if you would) of table tennis players (even old school) who play smooth and relaxed. I am trying to go the long distance in this game and am developing a game with less stress on the body. Oh Sang Eun is one that I have been watching lately. Samsanov has been around.  Any others for me to emulate? Also any drills or recommendations on playing more smooth and relaxed? Thanks. 

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