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Musaab Musaab

Musaab Musaab Asked 2 years ago

Dear coach,

I watch a lot of videos and I know for sure after applying that to my own game, there is a preferred blade side to serve return depending on the incoming serve. A popular example is the forehand short push return to the regular pendulum serve. Even when it is side/topspin that return will make the ball go a little high but there is still vicious underspin on it that some opponents put it directly into the net. No coach ever told me that and I can't find anything about it on the web either, just pattern recognition while watching pros videos.

I wonder whats your input on this , I even feel there is more layers to it, I'm talking about the third,fourth and fifth ball on the short-to-short game that there is a preferred side (forehand or backhand) return.

N.B. In all this I'm assuming two right-handed players and balls are on the middle of the table

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 years ago

Hi Musaab,

This is a personal preference. Each player will feel more comfortable with one side or their other however there is no rule to it. 

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Musaab Musaab

Musaab Musaab Posted 2 years ago

Hi Alois and thanks for your answer. I think I miss-spoke , English is not my first nor second language. I know it is not a personal preference because all the pros are doing it the same way. I think I couldn't draw the exact picture for you. Thanks again though.


D K Posted 2 years ago

Musaab,pro players tend to prefer backhand in many cases because the backhand flip is much more effective,you can vary spin etc.
With forehand flip,you can mostly only smack or swipe.
In case of push,it depends on the player,as Alois said.

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