Show #348 - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

2 years ago

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Thank you to everyone for your support of the podcast in 2020. In this episode we announce the winner of our first ever "Who am I" segment and answer a couple of table tennis questions. We also have two fun OMG facts relating to the holiday season.

It's been an incredibly tough year for many people around the World and we hope 2021 will be the year the pandemic is brought under control. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Shoulder Pain

Loren - I am 46 years old and having a hard time keeping up with the younger guys. My biggest problem is my shoulder pain. Is there any exercises I can do to strengthen my muscles? Am I using bad form? I don’t want to quit. I love the game so much. Thanks for the videos.

Chop Block Against Topspin

Garth - Is it worth pursuing a chop block? I seem to have invented a new shot that appears to me to be effective, but my robot can't tell me if it is!

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Long Pimple Chop Block