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Garth Hall

Garth Hall Asked 3 years ago

I have seen some You-tubes on chops and have played very good choppers (Cambodian guys who are much better than me), but haven't had much luck with the "classic" chop that you describe in your lesson on chops. I am an older guy (62) who has chosen table tennis as my major form of exercise. I would like to have something to show the Cambodians when we all get vaccinated and they let us back to the University gym - probably in the NH summer. (You don't have to worry so much as you are lucky to have a non-idiotic Government in Australia).

I'm finding that the best and easiest way for me is to do a "mini-chop" with a short downward motion when the ball rises to the level of the top of the net. The stroke is short and almost entirely wrist - it is executed straight down (90 degrees to the table) with as "loose" a hand as possible. The contact is made at the top of the bat (I use inverted Tenergy 5 rubbers) about 1 foot from the end of the table. It seems to be effective in that I get a good brush with a lot of backspin, which slows the ball enough to keep it on the table, but makes it rise enough to get it over the net.

This isn't what anybody recommends for a chop block (which I understand should be close to the table and done with a lot of sidespin as well as backspin as the ball rises after contacting the table), which I have a lot of trouble getting consistent at.

Question: Is it worthwhile to pursue this? I seem to have invented a new shot that appears to me to be effective, but my robot can't tell me if it is!

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 years ago

Hi Garth,

I think this is a worthwhile stroke for you.  It sounds like you have good feel for the stroke.

This is a stroke that is usually done with a long pimple rubber on the backhand side.  Take a look at the tutorial on the Long Pimple Chop Block which will show the stroke you are describing.  It is usually done with long pimples because it slows the ball down sufficiently to control the ball back on the table from a. topspin stroke.  If you are managing it with inverted rubber that is also good.

Hopefully you will be able to unleash the stroke on your unsuspecting partners shortly.


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