Show #346 - Ask More Questions

3 years ago

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In another astounding OMG fact, we learnt that 4 year olds ask an average of 437 questions a day. Should we be asking more questions as we get older? We discuss this and some table tennis as we laugh our way through the show. Here are some of your questions that we answer:

Dropshot off High Chop

DK - How can I play a dropshot off a high chop?

Correcting Technique Flaws

Gruia - I have already identified several flaws in my FH counterhit technique:

1) Not holding the paddle loose between hits

2) Not tracking the ball enough with my eyes

3) After salute, too slow to retract/lower the arm to the Ready Position

Right now I am practicing with a robot, but soon can have a partner. My first question is: do I correct these flaws one at a time or should I try all? And how soon, in hours trained with robot, before I can try to see if my technique improved vs a practice partner? Thank you

Bat Falls on the Table During Rally

Ujjal - While playing (right handed player), the bat slips and falls on the table. Can he pick up the bat with his left hand and continue playing?

Returning a Low No Spin Serve

Rohan - Hi guys.  I haven't needed to ask a question for a while but now have a new experience to explore. A guy I play regularly at work is introducing a new serve.  He is attempting to be deceptive with his bat angle to switch between topspin and backspin serves but hasn't quite got it yet.  They are difficult to read despite me watching the contact closely, because his intention is clear but the execution doesn't deliver the intent. As a result he is very inconsistent and ends up delivering a lot of low/no spin serves that look like they are spinny. They are usually quite low and mainly mid-long but sometimes very short. When I do get it right, a simple fast BH counter hit down the line or a FH cross court flick beats him every time, but I inevitably end up pushing when I should flick or topspin and visa versa so consequently net the ball or put it over the table.  I think the main issue is I'm treating a no spin ball as if it had spin. So, what return should I try next to deal with a no-spin or low BS/TS, mid-long low ball? Cheers, Rohan.

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