Show #342 - 16 Million

2 years ago

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If bacteria doubles every 20 minutes, how many will there be after 8 hours? Find out at the end of the show as Jeff reads out his OMG facts. Of course we discuss some table tennis and in particular how many skills you should be working on at once.

Attack with Antispin Rubber

Abdul - Can you attack with antispin rubber especially when the opponent gives a backspin on ur backhand or forehand?

Block Topspin Serve

Steven - My brother serves his topspin serve, and it is getting on my nerves. How do I return a topspin serve properly without losing the point?

Steps to Strokes

Rudraansh - I and my friends are beginners at table tennis. I told them about your coaching tips and how can we increase our consistency using different practices but they don't agree, they think that we can play better only by practicing fast and spinny shots. What should I do?

Forehand Counterhit

Rudraansh - How can I practice forehand counterhit against the wall as my friends are not very supportive?

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