Show #341 - How Much Should You Train?

2 years ago

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A common question is how much should you train and the answer depends on what you wish to achieve and how much time you have to dedicate to your table tennis. We also answer your table tennis questions and read out some OMG facts!

Backhand Loop Against Backspin

Ryan - I have been hitting them with spin and power but a lot of them end up in the Net. If they pass, they are very hard to return as most of the players expect that the ball will rise.  How should I improve the technique. Note: I drop a lot when I have to hit any backhand shot. Also, I am a Backhand Dominant Player. I prefer to move the ball on the left side of the table.

Who is the GOAT for Choppers?

Jasper - Joo sae hyuk seems pretty impressive, people call him the god of chopping, hou yingchao managed to beat the Chinese nationals though(probably the hardest tournament of all time). So who do you think is the better chopper? Hou Yingchao or Joo Sae Hyuk. Personally I think perhaps Joo Sae Hyuk is better because he still uses his forehand chop successfully in the modern world while other choppers just block or topspin with forehands in response to the modernisation.

Playing Close to the Table

Ramesh - I have a stupid and major issue which i am facing each day at my practice place. The moment i serve and start the game i tend to go back and back and try my shots which obviously goes out (i hit hard as i am far) and some times goes to the net as i hit weak. I am sure it should be a conscious effort from my side to stick to table (one arm distance) for my consistent strokes. I would like to take your tips on my issue I am facing. All the observers tend to tell me that I am moving far and I am also well aware of it and i want to overcome it. Appreciate any help from your end please.

Backspin Smash

Jared - I recently played an opponent who would smash high balls with backspin/sidespin by pulling is racket down on the ball while smashing. As i have never played against this before it was extremely difficult to adjust to. What do you recommend to return this stroke and is it a good changeup option to confuse my opponent every once in a while?

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