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ramesh jagannath

ramesh jagannath Asked 3 years ago

Hello Alois,

Hope your family are fine during these challenging times.

I have a stupid and major issue which i am facing each day at my practice place.

The moment i serve and start the game i tend to go back and back and try my shots which obviously goes out (i hit hard as i am far) and some times goes to the net as i hit weak.

I am sure it should be a conscious effort from my side to stick to table (one arm distance) for my consistent strokes.

I would like to take your tips on my issue I am facing .

All the observers tend to tell me that I am moving far and I am also well aware of it and i want to overcome it.

Appreciate any help from your end please.

Sorry if its a wrong question .


Ramesh Jagannath

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 years ago

Hi Ramesh,

This is a real issue.  I feel that this is mainly due t tension in playing matches.  What happens is that as you tighten up you also drift back because you are not seeing the ball as well and therefore move backwards to give yourself more time.

The main thing is to first start to think about the tension you are feeling.  Take a look at our section on Sports Psychology and in particular the tutorial on how to Recognise Your Feelings.  There is a bit in that whole section that would also help.

Then in training, focus on staying close to the table but also think about how easy and relaxed your body and in particular your arm and shoulder feels.

Let me know how you get on.



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