Show #331 - The Most Important Skill in Table Tennis

3 years ago

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In today's show we trial a new segment in response to a comment on our Most Important Skill in Table Tennis video. We also answer your table tennis questions, talking about how to relax, and how you can improve your serve even if you aren't able to access a table tennis table. Enjoy the show!

How To Relax

Hans - Nice video about relaxation and efficient strokes. But how to take it from there? Is there a systematic way to develop a more "relaxed" and efficient way of playing, once you realize that your playing style is too tense? I suppose this question goes for both the physical side and the mental side of the game.

Traditional Penhold

Jason - Why do most people in this table tennis generation stop using traditional Penhold? I still use traditional Penhold, and rarely see the top players using this grip?

Weaker Hand

Bright - Alois, please how do you develop your weaker hand properly?

Pendulum Service Elbow

Vijay - I have discovered of late that while doing the pendulum sidespin and top spin serves lifting the elbow helps a great deal. In fact, it is crucial. As I started doing it consciously and making my stance more side on a great deal fluency seems to have flowed into my serve. Same with backspin serves. On right track?

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