Show #313 - Australian Open

4 years ago

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The upcoming Australian Open has possibly the best line up ever seen in Australia. We talk about this and answer your questions in another episode of the Ask the Coach show.

Joke of the Week - 0:35

How do you get Pikachu onto a bus?

On This Week - 1:22

Birthdays of Ding Ning, Hugo Calderano, and Tomokazu Harimoto.

Tournament Wrap - 4:50

Australian Open

Trill of the Week - 8:20

Think about the transition from serving to the rally.  Find a serve that will  get you into position quickly and think about how quickly you can move into position after serving.  Also think about the best position to be in for the rally.

Strawberry Flick - 12:18

Waliid: I think u should make a video about the banana and strawberry flick

Par Gerrell Serve - 15:25

Aaron: In your video tutorial from 7 years ago showing the par Gerell serve, is that serve the same as the one popular in present day especially among the younger Japanese female players and some Chinese female players too (like Miu Hirano and Mima Ito)? I hear They call it the shovel serve or punch serve. Is the shovel/punch serve the same as the one you demonstrate in video? Also second question is, these serves looks like mostly sidespin, but is it still possible to impart heavy backspin or heavy topspin on this serve (like you can with the pendulum serve)??

Tensor Rubbers - 19:17

Chandra: Why most of tensor rubber are not too durable?

Receiving Middle Serves - 20:58

Kareem: I would like to thank you for the effort that ye do also for your reading the messages and answer what we are looking for .. I play the left hand and I have a problem with how to return the short centre server where I retrieved sometimes backhand and sometimes forehand my question is when i returned in backhand and when i returned in forehand?

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