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Aaron Lin

Aaron Lin Asked 5 years ago

Hi pingskills.


In your video tutorial from 7 years ago showing the par Geller serve, is that serve the same as the one popular in present day especially among the younger japanese female players and some chinese female players too (like miu hirano and Mima ito)?


I hear They call it the shovel serve or punch serve. Is the shovel/punch serve the same as the one you demonstrate in video?


Also second question is, these serves looks like mostly sidespin, but is it still possible to impart heavy backspin or heavy topspin on this serve (like you can with the pendulum serve)??



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Aaron,

Yes they re just different names for the same serve.

You get sidespin and can get some topspin or backspin with it.  Depending on the variation of the serve you can go right over the top of the ball or under the ball but the look of the serve changes.

The names of serves are just general names for types of serves.  Each of those serves though has plenty of scope in each of them.

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