Show #312 - Tomokazu Harimoto

4 years ago

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Today we talk about the amazing Tomokazu Harimoto and his incredible victory at the Japan Open. We also have all our usual segments so sit back and enjoy the show!

Joke of the Week - 0:55

I Googled "how to start a wildfire"

On This Week - 1:30

Patrick Franzisca, the man who serves into a shoe, turns 26 years old

Tournament Wrap - 4:10

Japan Open and Australian Open

Tip and Drill of the Week - 16:42

Watch Tomokazu Harimoto and Ma Long playing in a match and isolate their leg movement. Then think about how you can move in a match.

Beating Blockers - 20:25

Mukesh: Please tell me how to beat blocking players.

Awkward Long Ball - 21:56

Chandrachur:  I know about the 3rd ball attacking in table tennis, and have been recently working on developing it further so that I can surely start the attacks whenever I have the chance to serve. So for a short ball I have been practicing the backhand side-spin flick and for the long balls developing my forehand and backhand topspin attacks. But yet there is another type of ball, which always throws me off-guard. The balls where the ball drops near the center and are long, but by the time they reach the end of the table they are not even close to the peak of their bounce. Also they have a slight-medium amount of backspin to them.

Beginner Serves - 25:55

Deniz : Which serves should i learn first as a beginner?

Choosing Sides - 29:18

Dimple: Hello, My question is that we have to choose a service or side during the toss. There is a benefit of choosing a service but what is the benefit of choosing a side?

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