Show #301 - Competition Winners Announced

5 years ago

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In this episode we announce the five winners of our t-shirt competition. We also have our regular segments and answer some interesting table tennis questions.

On This Week - 1:42

Wang Tao and Wang Hao both have birthdays in December. Does this mean the relative age effect is a hoax?

Jokes of the Week - 6:50

What did the cow say on Christmas morning?

What was the librarians favorite Christmas song?

Why did Santa's little helper feel depressed?

Competition Winners - 8:38

Live on the podcast we select the winners of our t-shirt competition

Tournament Wrap - 11:50

The ITTF World Tour Grand Finals

Trill of the Week - 21:12

5th Ball Drills to get used to converting between a topspin against backspin and then a topspin against block.

Forehand Follow Through - 26:05

Bryan: I've seen in some of your past videos that when you complete a forehand, your follow through should not go past your center line of your body. But then i have seen videos of top players bringing their follow through over their head and back a little (Ma Long) after a really powerful shot. Is this fine for us to do after a strong shot? or should try and stay with the normal follow through.

Long Serving - 28:33

Arjun: Why do players like Lin Gaoyuan serve long with side spin without a surprise and players often find it difficult to handle.

Making Noises - 30:56

Dib: Lately I've been watching a lot of top player play. One aspect that made me rather curious and excited was the way they gasp or make certain noises when they train their loop off block and backhand loop. it was rather funny and made me think if this could be used by amateur players such as myself.

Links in this Episode

Competition Winners

Forehand Topspin Tutorial