Show #294 - Ma Long's Birthday

6 years ago

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In the hugely popular "On This Week" segment we talk about Ma Long as it was his birthday on the 20th of October. We encourage you to watch the top players in the World and even try to copy one of their serves. And in the questions we talk about timing, improving your topspin, and footwork.


On This Week - 2:30

Ma Long's Birthday

Joke of the Week - 4:58

My dog used to chase people on a bike a lot!

Tip of the Week - 5:30

Watch as much World class table tennis as you can.

Drill of the Week - 8:16

Watch a high class match and pick a serve that you like from one of the players and then try to copy the action of the serve.

Tournament Wrap - 9:10

Men's World Cup

Improving Timing - 15:45

Anish: It has been 6 years i am playing table tennis almost everyday. I am always facing a problem with backhand counter hit timing. There is everything fine with block and backhand topspin but often it happens in between the rally that the ball goes suddenly inside the net or out of the table while playing a backhand counter. Please suggest me something to hit all the counter balls on the maximum height with a slightly closed angle and adjust to all types of balls received on my side(improving overall timing).

Improving Topspin Against Backspin - 18:14

Otfried:In my league and amongst the players I often play against, it often comes to push-push games and it is hard for me to break through that before I make some mistake (and they are more experienced and will less often make one). So I think my next logical step in my development is to improve my topspin against backspin. While in multiball drills I usually get it quite well after some time, in games I find it extremely difficult to get the ball on the table that way, let alone play a strong topspin. Would it be a good way to start with slower spinny topspins (which I find much easier to play) and build it up from there? Or do you have a better recommendation?

Spin on Fast Shots - 22:43

Marv: I know that it is possible to overwhelm incoming spin by hitting the ball really hard, as in a powerful loop, which pretty much cancels the effect of the spin. I am wondering if this works in reverse. What I mean is:  If I put the same amount of spin on a fast shot as I do on a slow shot, will my opponent experience less spin on the fast one than he would on the slow one?

Slow and Fast Footwork - 26:05

Jesper: What would be the difference in a practice routine if I would move faster over a shorter distance, like Jeff is doing, compared to move little slower over a greater distance, like the Swedish routine Falkenberg? Are they equally important in the daily training routine? Moving over a greater distance is of course harder so maybe I could just focus on this? Furthermore, if I want more stamina in a TT match do I need to practice table tennis stuff or can I just go out and run or hop on the cross trainer?

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