Show #293 - Online Coaching

6 years ago

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Does online coaching really help you improve your table tennis? We answer this question and many more alongside our regular segments in episode 293 of the Ask the Coach Show.

On This Week - 2:15

Koki Niwa's and Gao Ning's Birthdays

Joke of the Week - 5:40

What did the pirate say on his 80th birthday?

Tip of the Week - 6:10

Review your matches

Drill of the Week - 9:26

Write down something in the PingSkills Vault

Tournament Wrap - 10:40

Polish Open

Men's World Cup

Women's World Cup

Starting a Match - 16:34

Amer: Before the start of the game in a tournament, one player bows down and lowers his hands below the table waiting the reply from his opponent to start up. What is the purpose of this?

Leaning Sideways When Playing Topspin - 18:26

Martin: Hi. I am right handed and my forehand topspin works kind of ok, but I feel that I have this issue of dropping my left shoulder when playing the stroke instead of rotating more horizontally. This happens especially when lifting a backspin. To some extent getting the footwork more right and being in position helps a bit, but this still happens and sometimes I even move sideways. The result might be quite a weak shot without proper acceleration, and the stroke can become more "muscled through". With more backspin, the ball ends into the net :( I really do not know how to break this habit and what to focus on to get the stroke more forward and with better and effortless acceleration.

Returning to Ready Position - 22:24

Rufuss: During a game (and therefore during practice) should I be trying to return to the ready position after one stroke to prepare to move to next - like a half-way station?  Do you really have time for that in a game, or do you simply move from one stroke/position (wherever that places you) straight to the next stroke/position?  It would seem sensible to move to the ready position as you then have less distance to cover to the next position, but is it really possible at game speed, even for top-level player?

Does Online Coaching Help? - 26:10

Ravi: I have a nagging doubt in my head to sign up for premium membership -  Does online coaching really helps for TT? If so, how do I make the most of your premium membership and is it possible to learn playing TT without having a physical coach and just following your 52 week plan? The reason I'm asking is because the place that I currently live in (Bengaluru, India) has no proper TT facilities and I'm trying to learn on my own. I'm a total newbie like the one presented on your blog. So kindly help me with this question and I'll definitely opt for the premium content if it really helps me.

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