The PingSkills Vault

What is the PingSkills Table Tennis Vault?

The PingSkills Vault allows you to record the important details. How should you play against each of your opponents? What happened in your latest match? What tactics worked and what didn't? How much have you been training over the last 3 months? By recording this essential information you will improve your tactical and analytical skills which will make you a better Table Tennis player.

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Create a new Opponent in the PingSkills Vault


Rate the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents and outline your tactics for playing against them. This will help you improve your tactical awareness.

Enter a new match result in the PingSkills Vault

Match Results

Enter all of your match results into the the PingSkills Vault. Analyse each match and record your own commentary.

Create a new training session in the PingSkills Vault

Training Sessions

Record all of your training sessions. Note down what was the focus of the training session plus any comments on how the training went.

Match Analysis in the PingSkills Vault


Graphically analyse your opponents, matches and training sessions in the PingSkills Vault.

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