Show #287 - Return of Serve

6 years ago

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In each of the last few episodes we've been focusing on a building block of table tennis, and today it's time to look at the return of serve. We also talk about some recent tournaments and of course, answer your questions. Enjoy!

On This Day - 1:00

Alois' niece turns 30, Kristian Karlsson turns 26, and Quadri Aruna turns 29

Joke of the Week - 3:40

A very funny joke about eyebrows.

Tip of the Week - 4:20

Focus on your return serve!

Drill of the Week - 6:40

Return of serve practice.  Start with your partner serving the same serve 100% of the time and then change and have them broaden the types of serves.

Tournament Wrap - 8:40

We discuss the Pyongyang Open and the Korean Para Open

New Style In Table Tennis - Tomokazu Harimoto - 13:25

Mike: I noticed something about the way Harimoto plays, it is geared more for speed and placement rather than spin. Allowing his opponents to open up first more, and then placing the ball wide for a winner or very difficult angle to return. Being more aggressive with hitting the ball sooner. Is this the beginning of table tennis going in a different direction in terms of playing style? What do you think of this particular style compared to others?   

First Private Coaching Lesson - 18:10

Jim: I'm 35 and haven't had any formal training. I scheduled my first private coaching session in a few weeks and I'm basically wondering what I should expect. This is a Chinese coach so I'm having visions of not even using a paddle but instead painting and waxing cars aka karate kid for the entire hour. Every coach is most likely different, but what do you do on first session? Practice a bit? Critique form? Do some basic drill work?

Style of Waldner - 21:24

Azhar: Many years ago you had said, that numerous players have tried and failed at copying Waldners style of play, including yourself. My question is, what exactly defines his style of play? Is it predominantly blocking and countering or is there more to it? And since it is so unconventional, how did it work at the very highest level?

Ruling on Hitting the Roof - 25:22

Paul: Alois we have a table in our works canteen which has a low roof.  My question is this, if a shot is played that hits the ceiling and then lands on the opposing side is it considered a point or a foul stroke.

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