Show #242 - How Much Is Too Much Training

8 years ago

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This Day in History - 1:17

Saint Patrick's Day 

Power Of Practice - 2:06

We discuss our progress and the competition

Yesterday's #PQOTD - 5:39

If you are really tired, is it better to still put in a training session or is it better to have a day off?

#PQOTD - 9:45

Have you ever won a tournament?

Doubles Strategy - 10:09

Spamm20: Whenever i play a double with my playmates i put a lot of backspin into my serves-but my opponents just pushes it back. My partner than has a hard time dealing with that spin (he's not as experienced). Should i put less/other spin into the serve? Thanks

Returning from a Break - 13:34

Lukas: Hey guys :) Not sure if you remember me, but I stopped playing active in my club around 6 months ago, but I really miss it. I'm considering starting again. Any tips on how to get back into it quickly :D?

How Much Is Too Much? - 14:46

Bhavesh: Yesterday I practiced serving for about 3-4 hrs. Then I played a match with my grandpa. I couldn't even complete the match I was so tired I had muscle cramps. After the match I couldn't walk properly. My parents said I was playing too much.

Lobbing Against Smashes - 16:07

Yap: Should I lob a very high smash with topspin or hit the ball flat? Will the topspin bring the ball higher and let the ball go out of the table?

Controlling Your Own Fast Topspin Shots - 17:59

Eugene: When doing the forehand topspin, I often hit the ball out. My coach says I need to control my arm strength and don't hit too hard all the time. But then he wants good amount of speed on the ball. How to achieve this without hitting hard?

Borgar Haug - 19:55

Lukas: Also a quick question, have you seen any of Borgar Haug's recent matches?, he is playing insane :> (if you know who he is)

Throwback Thursday - 20:21

Which Foot Forward?

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