Show #225 - Backhand Counterloop

7 years ago

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#PQOTD - 1:29

Maths or English?

Last #PQOTD - 1:53

Should you apologise for a net or an edge?

On This Day - 6:32

Yoko Ono and Michelangelo

Throwback Thursday - 7:40

Ready position after the Pendulum serve. 

Long Pimples for Forehand - 11:18

Mustafa: I feel more comfortable on my backhand side, so with my forehand, I mostly try to block or try to send the ball to the opponents side with straight shots without thinking about spin or loop. Is it ok for me to use long pips on my forehand?

Cleaning a Table Tennis Table - 14:06

Doug: What is the best way to clean a table? My new table is a few weeks old and has many ball marks, marks from the bat, etc. I've tried vinegar and water with no luck. Any suggestions?

Backhand Counterloop - 16:36

Enoch: I have a problem with my backhand counter loop. It sometimes hits the edge of my bat other times it goes off the table. Do I have to contact the ball with my bat closed or do I have to contact the ball with an open bat and come in and flat hit?

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