Show #216 - Serving with a Purpose

7 years ago

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Drill of the Week - 0:59

Multiball or Robot Drill - One short push where you push it back and then one long push where you make a topspin.

Last #PQOTD - 3:22

How do you overcome bad form?

#PQOTD - 5:56

Who would win in a game of table tennis? Forrest Gump or Bruce Lee?

Thanks to PingSkiller Johan for today's question.

This Day in History - 6:59

The day the music died

Too Relaxed - 8:18

Mike: Hi guys! When I'm looping with my forehand (I'm a lefty), I try to relax my arm for a better swing but sometimes, I loose my form along the way either my elbow or wrist goes out of whack. How do I find the correct medium so I don't loose form?

Who's the Best - 10:32

Viktor: Who would win? Ma Long v Jan Ove Waldner in early 20's ?

Learning Swedish - 11:08

Viktor: Is it possible that you could start study Swedish? If so that would be cool :D I know you've passed school a long long long time a go but you please study and learn speak Swedish? PLEASE ALOIS AND JEFF :D

Serving with a Purpose - 12:02

Tam: Hi Alois, when I do a sidespin backspin serve to my opponent's forehand they push long into my backhand (im a lefty) and I always spin with my backhand into the net is the pivot better in this situation? and how do you know when to play a pivot?

Doubles Return of Serve - 15:57

Arjan: Lately it seems as if my service return gets significantly worse when playing in doubles. I completely miss the ball off to the side or constantly feed them into the net and I ask myself why, why do I stumble even against easy serves?

Samsonov v Boll Analysis - 19:32

Abhinav: I think Samsonov troubled Timo with his fast long serve into Timo's backhand throughout the match. What would you do if someone continues to trouble you in one particular spot?

Nice Swedish - 23:16

Viktor: You spoke well Alois, Keep practise and next time I want to hear Jeff ;)

Speedcubing - 23:29

Viktor: How is it going with the cubes? Or is it too difficult ;)

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