Show #215 - Flicking Sidespin Serves

7 years ago

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This Day in History - 2nd February - 0:47

Groundhog Day

Last #PQOTD - 2:06

Should there be an International "Liha" Table Tennis league.

#PQOTD - 3:46

How do you overcome bad form?

Technique Tuesday - 4:15

Basic StanceĀ 

3rd Ball Attack Power - 10:34

Ilia: When I practice 3rd ball attack from my forehand, I can loop the ball with good pace. But when I play 3rd ball attack from anywhere, I cannot "force the pace". I can consistently open-up softly, but feel extremely awkward when I try to add power. Any help?

Try Not to Laugh - 13:45

Viktor: I just watched the ''Omonoiadam Hadjivasiliou.'' video and it's hilarious :D You should re-watch it.

Flicking Sidespin Serves - 14:21

Tam: Hi Alois should I always flick a sidespin backspin serve with my forehand/backhand and only touch pure backspin serves? Because when I try to touch a sidespin backspin serve it is hard to control most of the time goes high.

Blocking Slow Topspins - 17:41

Matthew: am having difficulty with my defence, my offence is good. I can't seem to get better at blocking because my partner doesn't hit fast top spins so I don't block anything. What should I do? If it is possible how do I block a slower hit?

Blocking Fast Loops - 19:49

Viktor: How do I block a power loop into my BH area? I have weak backhand and I can return the ball, help.

Indoor or Outdoor Table - 21:29

Gaurav: I am planning to buy a table for playing outside but under the canopy and can store it indoors. I have 2 options, one is indoor with regular wood top of 25 mm and the other is outdoor with 12 mm compress wood top. I am confused. Pls advise.

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