Show #179 - Drills Before a Tournament

7 years ago

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Polish Open - 1:00

We discuss the interesting results from the latest World Tour Event.

Joke of the Day - 5:25

Should we keep the joke of the day and could you contribute?

Last #PQOTD - 6:10

Who is the best player you have played?

#PQOTD - 9:31

Are the top Table Tennis players paid enough?

On This Day - 9:52


Forehand Finish Position - 10:38

Ilia: How these two thing affect finish position of the FH topspin (1) distance to the table (2) hardness of the rubber?

Washing Ball with Clothes - 12:37

Johan: Ever washed a ping pong ball with your clothes?

Drills Before Tournament - 13:53

Yoan: What do you think are the best drills to practice before a tournament ? Thank you :)

Blocking Spinny Topspin - 15:28

Thijs: I push as short and low as I can. But this Guy is waiting and spins the ball even 1 inch behind the table towards my forehand. I'm ready to block but almost every time the ball goes high/long. Doesn't help if I block early or later. Nothing works.

Plastic Ball Selection - 19:08

Vijay: I have a question on ball selection, Since the balls are now made of plastic, there are many to choose and most have different bounces and speed, further this affects my speed and timing. So is there a standard test we can use to test them?

Thanks - 22:25

Yoan: Hi Alois and Jeff ! I just wanted to thank you for your implication in the sport. Awesome job you guys are doing, keep going we all love you ! :)

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