Show #175 - Ding Ning’s Reverse Tomahawk Serve

8 years ago

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Technique Tuesday - 1:02

Drop Shot Off a Lob

On This Day - 3:31

Sydney Opera House

Last #PQOTD - 4:47

Who can break the Chinese domination?

#PQOTD - 6:57

Will anyone get close to Ma Long for the Rio Olympics Men’s singles title?

Who Wins the Point? - 7:22

What’s your decision. Take a look at the 1st point of the 4th Game between Ma Long and Fan Zhendong in the World Cup final. Something interesting happens. What’s your decision?

Can I Power Loop a Serve? - 11:48

Ilia: Suppose that a long, fast flat serve is coming to your FH hitting zone, and the serve is below the net string. Is it possible to powerloop it? What is the correct contact point on the ball in this case?

Perfect Training Partner - 14:04

Raphael: I'm currently a varsity in table tennis in our school and my question is what is the perfect training partner for me? Once we competed with other schools, they crushed me because i can't receive their heavy spin serves and their skill is too good.

Black Spots - 16:49

Tushar: My racket's rubber has some black spots on edges and centre. What are they?

Ding Ning’s Reverse Tomahawk - 17:51

Yap: Alois, how does Ding Ning do the Reverse Tomahawk serve? Does Ding Ning need a special table tennis bat to do that serve?

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Drop Shot off a Lob

Who Wins the Point?

Sydney Opera House

Ding Ning's Reverse Tomahawk Serve

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