Show #165 - Improving Your Game Play

8 years ago

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Space Shuttle Enterprise - 1:37

This day in history 1977

Last #PQOTD - 2:46

Do you Boost?

#PQOTD - 6:09

Will Zhu Yuling win the 2016 Olympic Women's singles?

Coaching via Phone - 6:39

Can a player be on the phone to receive additional advice during sets?

Technique Tuesday - 11:06

Dropshot off a lob

Ai-Chan at the China Open - 13:53

Noel: Oh no! How can I forget...Ai-chan! Ai-chan!, Ai-chan!. What a comeback ! She is phenominal!

Doubles Tactics - 16:18

Noel: Hello Alois and Jeff! I often play alot of doubles at the Rec. center. How important is talking about strategy with you partner? And what strategies are the best? BTW, Ma Long and Yuya Oshima, really awesome match! Ma Long putting the hammer down.

Improving Game Play - 19:41

Michael: I feel as if I'm running around in circles.. I've been training everyday for 4.5 hrs.. but I feel as if I haven't made any progress.. my rating has in fact gone down significantly.. is there any way that I can learn to benefit from my practice?

JPen Backhand Smash - 23:52

Bennett: I play with the jpen blade but curl my finger for cpen grip. If I do not have time to get around the ball how can I do a backhand smash with traditional backhand.

Thinner Sponge Durability and Spin - 25:41

Lajos: Does thinner sponged rubber wear out more quickly? I am thinking of buying Calibra LT max, it has outstanding durability but a bit springy for me. For more control I am thinking of a thinner one but I am afraid of losing spin and durability.

Playing Higher Rated Players - 27:36 

Mike: I am playing in a handicap event where players start on different scores and play one game up to 51. Do you have any tactics for playing players rated much higher?

Brushing Contact - 31:23

Luke: What is meant by brush contact when looping? I think of a thin topsheet contact but the ball makes a squeak noise and falls off the racket. Thus I'm more of a drive looper. What does brush mean? Equipment: tibhar evolution mx-p usatt:1800

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