Show #160 - Playing Counter Attackers

7 years ago

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Last #PQOTD - 1:51

Is maths ability related to Table Tennis?

#PQOTD - 4:26 

Do you use multi-ball for your training?

Technique Tuesday - 4:49

Forehand Block

Block or Counterhit - 9:27

Mike D: There are times where I love to counter hit the ball against a slower loop. Sometimes I block but my coach says to only use the block against players who are rated 1500-1800 in the US. Should I just block or do both depending upon the situation?

Video Games - 11:49

Brock: Hey PingSkills, I know that you maybe don't know this but do you know if there is any Table Tennis Video Games?

Tournament Victory - 12:46

Brock: I had my 5th tournament and I won the entire tournament and I'm proud :)

Playing Counter Attackers - 13:12

Ilia: I recently went to a tournament, where I played lots of kids that didn't have a strong attack against backspin, but they all had a blazing forehand counterloop. I often found myself blocking all their counterloops and trying to take a breathe.

Fear of Backhand - 15:50

Lakshya: I have a problem when i am play in ranking tournaments i fear to play backhand stroke. How do i face my fear?

Long Fast Spin Serve - 19:08

Tushar: I know how to do long and fast serve but is their any way to do long spiny serve.

Returning Heavy Backspin - 21:42

Kaustubh: What is the best way to return a ball with heavy backspin on it?

Smashing High Sidespin Ball - 23:11

Brock: Do you have a tip to counter a very high ball that has sidespin on it, It's maybe a 2- 3 m high ball and when it bounce it goes to the side and I miss, do you know a tip to control that ball ?

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