Show #150 - Will Xu Xin Survive the Plastic Ball?

8 years ago

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This Day in History - 0:52

Harvey Ball inventor of the Smiley Face is born.

Last #PQOTD - 2:46

Are there any new regular segments you would like to see in the Ask the Coach Show?

#PQOTD - 4:04

Early Prediction… Who will win the Olympic Games next year?

PingSkills T-Shirts - 4:57

Brock: Alois and Jeff, have you stopped wear your PingSkills t-shirt?

Plastic Ball Update - 5:56

Mike: Here is an update from the answer you gave in #144 about the plastic ball. I used a different paddle with a thicker sponge (2.2), the results were more positive, it was slower but not that much. I'll be trying out butterfly's plastic ball this weekend!

Forehand Against Deep Push - 6:32

Noel: Hello Coaches, I notice when I play that I'm having trouble with the deep push to my forehand. Should I wait a little bit, when the ball is a little under the table to loop it or should I really whip a strong brush on it above the table?

Squats - 8:10

Brock: Do you guys Squat or Deadlift ?

Training Camps - 8:48

Brock: Where do you have your PingSkills camp? I would love to be trained by you coaches :)

Best Footwork - 9:43

Mike: Hello Super Coach Alois along with your sidekick and numbers expert, Jeff! I watched ITO Mima vs LIU Fei in the Japan Open. ITO Mima looked jumpy during the match almost like a boxer with her footwork. My coach doesn't like it, what is the best footwork?

Power Percentage - 12:16

Ilia: Respect for Jeff for the amazing number facts, they are very exciting! Looking at top men players, what is the fraction of attacking shots played at 100% level of their maximum power? What do you think is the proportion played at 90%, 80%, 70%?

Xu Xin Finished - 14:32

Romeo: After the usage of the plastic ball, Xu Xin's topspins got considerably slower and some of them aren't even going in. Is this the end for Xu Xin? If it is, then who is going to be the next penholder?

Short Shot Allowed - 15:46

Elsayed: After some great topspin shots and the player is too far from the table, Ma Long has played the ball too short. Is it allowed ? Is it Ma Long's point or the other player’s?

Hardbats v Spongebats - 17:17

Sergio: Can you weigh in on the hardbat vs spongebat debate? I'd like your opinion because there is a lot of snobbery out there. The spongebaters say the hardbaters have no skill and the hardbaters say that that the speed of sponge has ruined TT.

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